Rob Foxall

Co-founder | Community Builder
Fun fact: Rob loves adventures and has sailed from South America to Washington, DC. He also skateboarded across Kenya to raise awareness for entrepreneurship in East Africa’s largest slum (Kibera).

Rob is currently the Director of Business Development at TIMIA Capital which provides financing to growing software businesses and prior to that, he was an Associate Director at Espresso Capital. Rob has been actively involved in building startup communities in both Vancouver and Calgary. Rob has organized Startup Weekends, Startup Conferences, and has been involved in launching startup support programs with groups such as e@UBC/Founder Institute. Rob has a strong background in startups, finance, and in business development.

During his free time, he loves being outdoors in the mountains or on the ocean with family and friends.

Colin Weston

Co-Founder I Community Builder
Fun fact: Colin’s party trick is to place stacks of quarters on his elbow with his forearm parallel to the floor and catch them all in his hand. Do not bet against him, as he has won his body weight in beer many times over with this one.

Colin has been involved with Startup Canada at the national level for several years. In early 2017, he partnered with co-founder, Rob Foxall, to launch Startup Vancouver. His motivation stemmed from wanting to give back to the local startup community by providing the resources and support that he wished were available when he started his entrepreneurial journey back in 2011.

Colin is a Vancouver entrepreneur and co-founder of REVIVER Sport Entertainment, where they create sport innovation experiences such as CitySurf Vancouver and RippedLinks. He is also the host and creator of The ModGolf Podcast. His previous endeavours include architecture, 3D visualization, and experience design.

During his spare time, he enjoys single malt scotch, hot yoga, snowboarding, surfing and the occasional mediocre round of golf. But not all at the same time.

Felice Lam

Content Creator | Community Builder
Fun fact: Felice’s childhood dream was to become a professional tennis player. She can hit a serve over 100 km per hour.

Felice currently works as a copywriter for Yellow Pages while continuing to follow digital health startups. She has a background in bilingual (French/English) customer service, marketing (e.g. social media, community management), and communications. Previously, she’s worked for organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Intuit, and Starbucks when she used to live in Seattle.

She’s also volunteering for Spring Activator, so you may catch her at one of their events. Since 2011, Felice has been involved with the startup community in the Pacific Northwest including events such as Vancouver Startup Weekend and Hacking Health hackathon. She enjoys connecting people together, hence why Startup Vancouver is a great organization for her to serve the local startup community.

Her hobbies include writing, working out, practicing her language skills, cooking, and following professional tennis.

Brittany Whitmore

Community Builder
Fun fact: Brittany was once in a ukulele group that went on tour in Hawaii. If you invite her for karaoke or sashimi, she will almost definitely say yes. She will also tell a lot of puns, so brace yourself!

Brittany is a public relations professional and the founder of Exvera Communications. She is also the founder and executive director of TEDxGastownWomen, a resident technology panelist on Roundhouse Radio, as well as a frequent emcee and speaker. She was named to BC Business Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 in 2017. Previously, she led communications for Procurify.

Brittany believes in giving back and works to support women and youth entrepreneurs, mentors entrepreneurs and students, as well as serves on the advisory board of a number of startups. She joined the Startup Vancouver team as another avenue to support the startup community.

Dylan Nihte

Community Builder
Fun fact: Dylan’s best party trick is the pencil illusion. Ask him and try to replicate it, it will melt your mind.

Dylan is a native Vancouverite with a diverse background from piloting helicopters to working in Gaming and Securities on riverboat Casinos and Las Vegas. A serial entrepreneur, he has owned an entertainment promotions company, Southern Ontario’s largest private wireless high-speed network, and a marketing company in Auckland, New Zealand. He is currently a growth manager for a tech company and also a realtor focusing on the Vancouver market.

During his free time, he’s with friends and family, and is also into fitness and health, outdoor adrenaline sports and photography. He’s always up for a mental and physical challenge as you’ll find him swimming once a week in English Bay year-round.

Mike Mendoza

Web Administrator | Community Builder
Fun Fact: Mike likes to collect sneakers and limited shoes. Once, he had more than 100 pairs of shoes in his collection and nowhere to store them all.

Mike is a web/mobile apps developer and has been writing code since 2006. He is passionate in creating native iOS/Android and web prototypes along with building quick solutions that aim to alleviate global issues. He has been a veteran of numerous startup hackathons and also specializes in growth hacking, SEO, and social media. He joined Startup Canada because he also wants to build a better Canada for entrepreneurs as well as giving a voice to the Canadian startup community.

When he has free time, he likes to read, write, travel, pursue photography, invest, cook, and play sports.

Pranav Menon

Community Builder
Fun fact: In the summer of 2010, Pranav was obsessed with this typing game called Monkey Typer on Facebook. It timed how fast you could type from A-Z. After months of practice, Pranav had it down to 2.96 seconds. The Guinness world record right now? 3.43 seconds.

Pranav is a fourth year Engineering student at UBC specializing and currently works as the Program Director of AMS’ new Entrepreneurship Hub Program (eHub). His primary focus is to empower students to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and build an entrepreneurial community within UBC. He hopes to translate his experience to Startup Vancouver and help entrepreneurs find a tribe they can connect with as well as build an inclusive and supportive Vancouver startup community.

When time permits, Pranav is a big fan of setting up his hammock at Wreck beach and listening to podcasts as well as camping and rock climbing on the weekends.

Njeri Watkins

Community Builder